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What is Muay Thai ?

Muay Thai (also known as Thai Boxing or Muay Thai Kickboxing) is a full-contact martial art and sport from Thailand that has gained popularity all over the world. One of the most devastating forms of hand to hand combat, Muay Thai is also a very practical method of self defense. Muay Thai allows almost any part of the body to be used to strike an opponent with the exception of the head. Included are kicks, punches, elbow and knee strikes. Most parts of the body are legal targets as well. Not only for self defense, professional and amateur competition, training in Muay Thai is also an effective way to stay physically fit.


Who can learn Muay Thai ?

Muay Thai is not only for fighters. It is great for men, women and children of all fitness levels from ages 4 years old up to 70 and beyond. It is accessible to people of all walks of life and has benefits for everyone.


Why should I learn Muay Thai ?

Training in Muay Thai can get you into the best shape of your life. The aerobic exercise that Muay Thai provides can give you a level of cardiovascular fitness that you’ve never experienced before. You’ll notice the results when you see pounds and inches of fat disappear at a remarkable speed while muscle builds. As your physique improves, so will your physical attributes and your mental toughness. Muay Thai will help you to improve your coordination, speed, strength and timing. If that weren’t enough, Muay Thai will develop your self confidence, discipline and perseverance along with your "warrior spirit".

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